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A Cozy Bedroom With Solar Shades In Utah

Solar Shades In Utah

Roller Shades

If you are looking to buy window shades with a minimal style, then you should consider roller shades because they are both simple to operate and are not bulky. Roller shades usually have a cordless spring system that engages when the fabric or cord is pulled. There are options to add motorization features to roller shades and pick from a range of opacity levels. Roller shades are available in materials such as burlap, plastic, and bamboo.

Honeycomb/Cellular Shades

Homeowners that prioritize energy efficiency above all else often purchase cellular, or honeycomb, shades because these window shades consist of a honeycomb pattern that traps air between the windows and the interiors of homes. This unique build insulates homes, limits energy loss, and lowers energy bills. Look for cellular shades with a thermal resistance of 7.0, noise reduction characteristics, cordless options, and light filtering properties because these shades have the most benefits.

Dual Shades

Similar to a roller shade, dual shades provide a view, privacy, and UV protection with an elegant touch for your Spanish Fork home. When dual shades are aligned edge to edge, the opaque bands bring precious privacy and shade. A slight adjustment and the sheer widths bring filtered light and soft views. Available in several color and style options.

Solar Shades In Utah - Woven Shades

Utah Valley Shutter & Shade Co also provides window shades for everyone that enjoys rustic, organic interior design styles. For these homeowners, woven shades are ideal because these shades are made from grasses, reeds, and other sustainable materials. These shades may not give a high level of privacy and light control, however, they can be paired with roller shades or liners to resolve this problem.

Woven Wood Shades

Another great option for window shades is woven wood shades, which consist of jute, bamboo, and bark. Woven wood shades are designed to block UV rays, and motorization features can be added to these shades to increase convenience.

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