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Roman Shades In Utah

Window shades are soft window treatments that consist of a continuous piece of fabric, which is folded into different styles. Utah Valley Shutter & Shade Co. provides many styles of window shades to homeowners in the Vineyard area.

Roman shades in Utah are popular because they have a chic and luxurious appearance. They're heavy shades that fold into an accordion when they're pulled up and flatten out when they're let down.

Roman Shades In Utah Are Highly Customizable

If Roman shades appeal to you, consider customizing the opacity level of your shades. You can choose from fabric that is sheer, insulated, darkening, or filtering and select fabric materials such as faux silk, linen, cotton, and taffeta. Additionally, you'll be able to choose a fold style such as flat fold, European fold, and hobbled fold.

A Luxurious Kitchen With Roman Shades In Utah
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