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The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Window Coverings

Energy efficiency is on everyone’s minds nowadays for a variety of reasons. You might want to help the environment, or you might just want to save a few bucks each month with rising prices affecting everyone’s budget.

Typically, when we think about energy efficiency, we think about big changes such as new appliances, superior insulation, and full window replacements, but there’s a simple way to add a bit of energy efficiency to your home, too.

Energy efficient window coverings. If you’re not familiar with what those are, they’re just blinds and shades that incorporate the latest technology to do more than simply dim your home’s interior.

Here are some of the benefits you’re sure to enjoy.

1: Reduced Energy Bills

This is the most obvious benefit. Whenever you add any energy-efficient item to your home, you help lower your energy bills. The same is true for energy-efficient window coverings.

When you use your energy-efficient window coverings to help maintain your home’s interior temperature and lighting without turning on excessive appliances, you don’t use as much energy, and you get to save a considerable amount on your next energy bill.

For many, this is more than enough reason to make such a simple addition to their homes.

2: Environmental Benefits

Whenever you use less energy, it’s not just you who’s benefiting. With less of a demand for energy, fewer resources are used overall, and fewer emissions are made by processing those resources and converting them to energy.

For some, this is a key point and an overall personal goal to help reduce their own impact on the environment. However, even if you are simply looking for the immediately noticeable benefits, you can still take a bit of pride in knowing you’re doing something with a larger impact.

Energy efficient window coverings.

3: More Natural Interior Climate Control

You might have noticed that we mentioned being able to turn appliances off more often in the previous two benefit sections. Well, that’s because energy efficient window coverings help maintain your home’s temperature naturally.

On bright, sunny, hot days, all that sunlight pouring into your home via the windows is actually heating up your home. That is why you usually end up having to kick on the AC to cool things down and stay comfortable.

Normal blinds do help reduce that light quite a bit, but they don’t prevent the residual heat from coming in. Energy-efficient blinds do via reflection. This helps your home stay cooler in the hottest months without needing to kick your AC on as much. Beyond the financial and environmental benefits, this also helps your AC prolong its lifespan by not working as hard.

Get Energy Efficient Window Coverings, Today

If you’re excited to enjoy these benefits and more, it’s time to contact Utah Valley Shutters. We have a wide variety of energy-efficient window coverings to match any décor and style, and we’re Utah’s top source for all your window covering needs. Contact us, today.

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